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This project is different from any other in my portfolio. It started with a conversation about why our printers feel stuck in the past and ended nearly 3 years later with a new product release. I was only involved in the beginning phase, but it was that critical thinking, that process of identifying a problem, breaking down the existing product and thinking outside the box that made it all possible.

As a fun side project we met nearly every week for over a year and poured over the print experience. In the end, we focused on removing everything from the printer that managed and dealt with paper. We took apart more than a few printers and were able to mock up our concept - a handheld printer. 

Our original idea included different cartridges for temporary tattoos and even band-aids!

See the video below to watch what did make it to production.

My friend and co-worker who carried this concept to completion wrote a great article on LinkedIn about it too...

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